6000 Metre Hydrostatic Pressure Test Facility, Available for Hire

Test tank for hire

Deep water puts enormous pressure on underwater equipment so testing prior to deployment is crucial to ensure the products can withstand the unavoidable pressures exerted upon them.

The on-site 6000 metre rated pressure testing facility is used to test many Applied Acoustics’ products and is also available for hire. Built new in 2009, the pressure test chamber has an internal diameter of 340mm with a useable length of 1500mm. This high pressure testing equipment is used to simulate sea pressure to full ocean depth and is ideal for testing components such as connectors, transducer assemblies and many tow-fish designs. Maximum pressure is 690bar, 10,000psi.

The test tank also has the facility to offer penetrator openings through the top end cap that can be interchanged allowing the components inside the chamber to be linked to outside monitoring equipment, motors etc. Additionally, an overhead crane allows heavy items up to 500kg to be lowered into the chamber.