107GS MiniPod, Satellite Relocation Device

Satellite relocation device

The 107GS MiniPod is a shock-mounted and ruggedised satellite transceiver / GNSS receiver that is designed to survive 3000m immersion for relocation and positioning of subsea assets at the sea surface.

The 107GS MiniPod automatically switches on at the sea surface to acquire satellite positions. This GNSS lock minimises cold start times to provide auto tracking.

The 107GS MiniPod is externally powered by a rechargeable battery pack.



Key Features

  • Remote tracking
  • Global satellite connectivity, utilising the IsatDataPro service
  • Submersible, 3000m rated
  • Multi GNSS receiver
  • Internal shock mounts, satellite modem MIL-STD rated
  • Ruggedised for harsh environments


  • Remote asset monitoring
  • Relocation of subsea assets, AUV, ROV, cable plough
  • Ocean AUV surface GNSS positioning
  • Satellite modem