New rugged GNSS receiver for marine surveyors

101G MiniPod

Modulus Technology, based in Great Yarmouth, UK, has recently introduced its new, robust submersible GNSS receiver with integrated L1 + L2 antenna to the marine survey market. Named the 101G MiniPod, this lightweight yet rugged product provides streamer head and tail positioning, source positioning for 3D UHR seismic operations and is ideal for the positioning of subsea excavation vehicles,  or towed sensors such as magnetometers, that operate in shallow waters.

Modulus Technology Ltd, part of the AAE Technologies Group, is a sister company to multi-award winning Applied Acoustic Engineering Ltd, a enterprise that is well established in the marine and offshore energy sector.  Modulus is the Group’s innovation division that is dedicated to developing new, cutting-edge, advanced technological products and the MiniPod is just the latest release in this successful endeavour.

Though designed for operation on a floating catamaran, hydrophone or trencher etc., the MiniPod 101G will survive immersion to 50m. It is only 170mm in length and 115mm diameter, and is externally powered by default but can be provided with internal power fail back-up as an option. Internal and external shock mounts protect the L1 + L2 band GPS receiver that has both wired and wireless applications.

Further developments in this successful range will shortly be available and will include a MiniPod with AHRS sensor, the MiniPod 101A, and a version with the GPS and sensor combined for complete precision, the MiniPod 101GA.